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My Life Passport

MyLifePassport involves individual and/or group sessions where each participant develops a personalized framework that becomes their passport for travelling life’s journey. The program is applicable to organizations which may be going through a significant change as a result of a merger & acquisition, new leadership, restructuring, and/or a revised strategic direction. It is also relevant to individuals who are in the midst of personal change arising from organizational issues or life’s challenges.

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The Approach

A workshop called SELF MASTERY guides participants through a process of discovery and learning about themselves, and their social & professional networks and as it relates to organizational and societal demands. Participants develop a personal vision and share what their vision statement means to them individually and/or as part of a team. They carefully examine the critical success factors for achieving their vision.

The Program

Self Mastery: A Plan for Personal Success

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    The Integrity Model:

    The module teaches that more important than the events and circumstances of your life is the filter through which you view and respond to the events of life. You'll learn a roadmap and practice and commit to a new and empowering paradigm to live from the & "inside out".

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    Conquer your Key Moments:

    These are moments when we're upset and things aren't working. You’ll learn how you become trapped in self-defeating attitudes and behaviors and, more importantly, how to change your gut reactions and interpretation of events so you can act from a calm and confident state of mind.

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    Embrace Reality:

    You learn powerful concepts and strategies to give up "negativism," let go of resentments, complaints and blame and work in harmony with rather than against the way things are.

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    Exercise Responsibility:

    Through enlightening exercises, you’ll claim ownership of the results you're getting in life and on the job and learn to make positive, choices aligned with what you really want in the long run.

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    Clarify Your Vision:

    This module helps you learn to power of vision and helps you clarify the results you truly desire and work through the negative thinking that keeps you from living your vision.

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    Define Your Purpose:

    You will define your purpose and create a set of code of conduct by which you’ll govern yourselves on a daily basis. You'll also learn to practice the techniques of affirmations and visualization to support you in staying on purpose and living your vision.

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    Act with Integrity:

    You will come to understand the meaning of integrity and consequences of living from your own inner sense of rightness. You'll also learn about the consequences of self-betrayal and deepen your commitment to living a principled life.

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    At the end of the program, you will have prepared your personal guide to travel life's journey with purpose and with success.

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The Result

The goal of the MyLifePassport coaching program is to enhance the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. After the formal step of the program is completed, participants have the option of partnering with a personal life coach whom they have selected from a list of qualified professionals. They may also choose to become a member of the MyLifePassport community.

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MyLifePassport has partnered with qualified and experienced coaches to support you in critical areas. Their work is determined by the coachee specifically in the areas of professional and personal development.

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MyLifePassport believes it is important for each of us to belong to a network of individuals who do not judge but accepts us for who we are. They support us by sharing their own experiences, offering tools and resources to enhance our performance. The community (member only groups) are those who have completed the Self Mastery program. Each group consists of a maximum of twelve (12) members from a similar professional status. The focus of discussion is on those factors required for achieving both organizational and personal success. We call it “Purpose Driven Performance”.

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Each month, as a member of the MyLifePassport community, you will receive an e-letter written or published by Merv Hillier, MBA; MSc HRM; FCPA; FCMA; C.Dir; CMC; DipTh. This communication (i.e. mervhillier.com) addresses the personal and professional challenges we may face along life’s journey. It is meant to be inspirational and encouraging.